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A21. Burning



Burning means the skin is burned by boiling water or hot oil, burned by hot material or by the fire directly. For small area burning and for low level of burning, and if you have no access to a doctor, you may try the tips here. However, for large area burning or for deep tissue burning, you have better to visit the emergency department in a hospital.

1. 鲜牛奶 (Fresh Cow's Milk for burning)


Use sterized gauze. Dip it into fresh cow's milk. Apply it then to the wound.

2. 蘑菇粉外敷 (Mushroom powder for burning)

蘑菇适量。将蘑菇放锅内锻黑存性,研细末,以少许香油调成糊状,用时,将蘑菇糊敷于患处。每日2-3次,敷后 30 分钟痛止。

Put mushroom some amount into pot. Bring to heat to make it as coke. Grind it into fine powder. Mix with some sesame oil to make it into mud form. When use, apply the mushroom coke powder on to the wound. Apply it 2 to 3 times a day. The pain can go away after 30 min.

3. 生姜汁治疗烧伤 (Ginger juice for burning)

将生姜压成汁,将生姜汁涂于烧伤处,能立即止痛;已经起水泡者,能消炎消肿;水泡已经破者,亦无刺激。由于生姜能灭菌,故破口者不至于溃烂;烧伤轻者,敷一次即可。重者可时时涂抹,保持伤口湿润达 36 小时,即可停药。

Grind the ginger into juice. Apply the juice on to the burning wound. The pain can stop right away in the short time. If the wound has already had water blister, the juice can reduce the swelling and reduce inflammation. If the blister has broken, the juice does not cause stimulation feeling either. Since the ginger juice can stop inflammation, so the wound wouldn't become big ulcer. For mild burning, one application is enough. For severe burning, keep the application of ginger juice on the wound, and keep the wound wet and in damp condition. Keep it in such wet condition for up to 36 hours, then stop the application.


Of course, in emergency, you can cut the ginger into a slide and apply it on to the burned spot, before you make the ginger juice ready.

4.  烫伤膏 (Tang shang gao for burning)

虎杖 150 克,冰片10 克。

Huzhang 150 gram, Bingpian (Borneol) powder 10 gram.


Grind the herbs into powder. Add Vaseline to make the mixture into mud form. Apply it on to the burn wound. Before application, if there is blister, break the blister; if there is pus, press out the pus, and wash the wound with disinfect gauze, to clear the pus and the secretion fluid separately. The wound should be fold in winter, but not in summer. Change it every day. Once the wound is improving, change it once every other day.

本方适应于 I 度及 II 度 烫伤。

This method is used for I and II degree burning.

5. 地榆大黄方 (Diyu Dahuang Fang for boiling water burning)

地榆 50 克,大黄 50 克。

Diyu 50 gram, Dahuang 50 gram.


Grind the herbs into fine powder. Add sesame oil to make the mixture into mud form. Apply the herbal mud on to the wound. Fold with gauze.


This formula is used for burning by boiling water or hot oil.

6. 地榆黄柏虎杖方(Diyu Huangbo Huzhang Fang for fire burning)

地榆 30 克,黄柏 30 克,虎杖 20 克。

Diyu 30 gram, Huangbo 30 gram, Huzhang 20 gram.


Grind the herbs into fine powder. Add sesame oil to make the mixture into mud form. Apply the herbal mud on to the wound. Fold with gauze.

This formula is used for I and II degree fire burning.

7. 玉红膏 (Yuhong Gao for burning)


Yuhong Gao (e.g. Yuhong paste) is ready to use herbal lotion. Apply the herbal lotion on a disinfected gauze, then apply the gauze on to the wound.


It is used for the treatment of burning by boiling water, boiling oil, or by fire.

8. 侧柏叶炭冰片方 (Ceboye Tan and Bingpian Fang for burning)

侧柏叶炭 15 克,冰片 3 克。香油适量。

Ceboye Tan 15 gram, Binpian (Borneol) 3 gram, sesame oil, some amount.


Grind the herbs into fine powder. Mix it with the sesame oil to make the mixture into mud form. Apply the herbal mud onto the burned spot. Smear it twice a day.

9. 苹果软膏治烧伤 (Apple paste for burning)


Apple, some amount. Peel it, and remove the core. Chop and press into mud form. Add some salad oil to mix into mud form. Apply the apple mud on to the burned spot.

10. 荞麦面 (Buckwheat for burn)


If the burn causes blister, break it with a sterilized needle, apply the buckwheat mud on to the wound. Fold with gauze. It works well.


11. 鸡蛋清 (Chicken egg white for burn)


For the burn wound, you can also apply the chicken egg white on the wound for cure. You can also apply the mixture of chicken egg white and liquor on the the wound for healing.


12. 仙人掌治疗烧伤 (Cactus for burn)


Peel the cactus, chop into mud form, apply it on to the burn wound. It works well too.


13. 黄瓜汁治疗烧伤 (Cucumber juice for burn)


Chop the cucumber and collect its juice. Apply the juice on to the burn wound.


14. 香油和大酱 (Sesame oil and Sauce for burn wound)


Upon burn, apply some sesame oil (or other vegetable oil) on the wound, then apply some sauce over it. Fold the wound with gauze. It works for the healing.


15. 紫菜治疗烧伤 (Purple laver for burn wound)


Take one sheet of purple laver. Dip into water to make it soft. Apply it over the wound. Fold the wound with gauze. Change it every night. It can stop pain.


16. 芦荟叶治疗烧伤 (Aloe for burn)

烧伤后,将患处立即浸入凉水中十分钟,将芦荟叶竖切,切面朝向烧伤面敷上。每天换十次以上。 过两三天后每天换一次。

After burn, put the wound spot into cold or ice water for ten min. Chop the aloe vertically. Put the aloe towards the wound, with the chopped surface touching the wound. Change it more than ten times a day. After two to thee days, change it once a day.


17. 柿子汁治疗烧伤 (Persimmon juice for burn)


If the burn wound has no blister, dip a cotton ball into the persimmon juice, then apply it on to the burn wound. Change it if it become dry.


18. 苏打和鸡蛋清治疗烧伤 (Soda and chicken egg white for burn)


Mix the soda powder and chicken egg white into mud form. Apply it on to the wound. this is folk tip used by people in US.


19. 肥皂水和烧酒治疗烧伤 (Soap and colorless liquor for burn)


After burn, wash the wound soon, then apply colorless liquor on the wound and massage the wound with the liquor.


20. 盐水治疗烧伤 (Salt solution for burn)


After burn, apply the water solution of the table salt on to the burn wound surface, or put the injured body part in the salt solution. It can reduce the pain and can prevent blister formation. Or, you can apply the salt-gauze, or salt-cotton on the the wound (such as for the burn on face).


21. 酒浸法 (Liquor dip for burn)


After burn by fire or by boiling water, dip the wound into the liquor right away. The high the alcohol degree in the liquor, the better. Dip until the pain stops. Usually it needs two hours of dip to stop the pain. It should not add water to the liquor.


22. 米醋浸泡法 (Vinegar application for burn)


To apply vinegar on to the burn wound can prevent burn blister.


23. 尿浸治疗烫伤 (Urine application to burn by boiling water or hot oil)


After burn by boiling water or hot oil, dip the wound into urine, or pour the urine on the wound, then apply the mixture of sesame oil and honey on the wound.


24. 萝卜汁治疗烧伤 (Daikon juice for burn)


Chop Daikon to get its juice. Apply the juice on to the burn wound. It works for mild burn.


25. 硼砂水漱口治疗咽喉烫伤 (Borax water solution for burn on throat)


If the throat is burned by hot water or food, rinse the mouth with the water solution of borax. The rinsed water should not be swallowed.


 26. 黑布膏治疗烧伤疤痕 (Black cotton paste for burn scar tissue)

黑醋 250 毫升,五倍子(研细末) 100 克,蜈蚣(研细末) 一条,蜂蜜18 克。将上药混匀,摊于黑布上,外敷疤痕。3-5天换药一次。直至疤痕软化变平。个别局部瘙痒,皮肤发红者,停药后可自行消退。

Black vinegar 250 ml, Wubeizi powder 100 gram, Wugong one piece (grind into powder), honey 18 gram. Mix the ingredients well, smear evenly on to a cotton sheet of black in color. Apply on to the scar tissue. Change it every three to five days, until the scar become soft and even. Some times, some person may have itch and the skin turns to red in color. It can diminish after stop of the application.


27. 消斑汤 (Xiao Ban Tang for burn scar tissue)

天花粉 5 克,黄芪30 克,丹参 30 克,益母草 30 克,党参 15 克,地龙 15 克,炒山甲 15 克,蝉蜕 10 克,甘草 10 克,当归 10 克,赤芍 10 克,桃仁 10 克,红花 10 克,羌活 10 克,秦艽 10 克,乳香 5 克,没药 5 克。

Tianhuafeng 5 gram, Huangqi 30 gram, Dansheng 30 gram, Yimucao 30 gram, Dangsheng 15 gram, Dilong 15 gram, Chao shanjiao 15 gram, Chantui 10 gram, Gancao 10 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Taoren 10 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Qianghuo 10 gram, Qinjiao 10 gram, Ruxiang 5 gram, Moyao 5 gram.

水煎服,每日一剂。分两次服。连服 3 - 4 个月。

Cook in water to collect the water extract. This is one-day dose. Drink the herbal extract twice a day. It needs 3 to 4 months of healing.

外取仙人掌适量,切片捣成糊状,敷与疤痕上,外以纱布绷带固定。3-5 天换一次。

The same time, chop cactus and grind into mud. Apply the cactus on to the scar tissue. Fold it with gauze and bend. Change it every 3 to 5 days.  


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