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A20. Muscle spasm


1. 脚腿抽筋 (Feet or calf spasm)


When the feet or calf become spasm, press the Renzhong point (between the nose and the middle spot of the upper mouth lip), or pitch this point with your fingers. After one min, the spasm could be released.

2. 芍药甘草汤 (Shaoyao Gancao Tang for muscle spasm)

白芍 24 克,炙甘草 12 克,龙骨 30 克。水煎服,一日一剂。一般需要 2 -3 剂后痉挛可消失。血钙低者,血钙可恢复。

Baishao 24 gram, Zhi Gancao 12 gram, Longgu 30 gram.

Cook in water. Drink the water extract, three times a day.
It usually needs about 2 to 3 doses that the spasm can completely stop. The blood calcium level can restore.

3. 芍药甘草桂枝木瓜汤 (Shaoyao Ganco Guizhi Mugua Tang for muscle spasm)

白芍 30 克,甘草 15 克,桂枝 15 克,木瓜 10 克。

Baishao 30 gram, Gancao 15 gram, Guizhi 15 gram, Mugua 10 gram.

Cook in water. Drink the water extract, three times a day.

4. 厚朴汤治疗肌强直 (Houpo for myotonic myopathies)

厚朴 15 克。 水煎服。每日一剂,分三次服。

Houpo 15 gram. Cook in water to drink the water extract. This is one day dose.


This formula works for myotonia condition.


5. 肌强直汤 (Ji Qiangzhi Tang for myotonia)

白芍 40 克,甘草 25 克,牛膝 25 克,木瓜 25 克,禅衣 12 克,薏苡仁 30 克,僵蚕 12 克。 水煎服。

Baishao 40 gram, Gancao 25 gram, Niuxi 25 gram, Mugua 25 gram, Chanyi 12 gram, Yiyiren 30 gram, Jiangchan 12 gram.

Cook in water. Collect the water extract to drink.

治疗先天性及萎缩型肌强直症。一般需要 30 到 80 天见效。

This formula is used for the treatment of congenital and atrophic myotonia. It needs at least 30 to 80 doses to see the effect. It has been used in 10 patients with congenital myotonia, one was cured, 4 were much improved, 5 were improved to some level. It has also been used in 10 patients with atrophic myotonia, 2 were cured, 4 were much improved, and 4 were improved to some level.

6. 止痉散 (Zhijing Sang for facial muscle spasm)


Tianma, Fangfeng, Baizhi, Jingjie, Qianghuo, Xingyi, Xixin, Quanxie, Jiangchan, Baifuzi. Equal amount for each ingredient. Grind them into fine powder. Store in a bottle.

用时,取药末 10 到 15 克,填肚脐中,胶布固定。每日换一次。主治面肌痉挛。

When use, take 10 to 15 gram of the powder, add it into naval. Seal with medical tape. Change it every day. This formula is used for facial muscle spasm.

7. 四味热敷散 (Siwei Refu San for facial spasm)

威灵仙 20 克,白芍 20 克,川芎 20 克,炙甘草 20 克。

Weilingxian 20 gram, Baishao 20 gram, Chuanxiong 20 gram, Zhi Gancao 20 gram.

研细末,用纱布包好,蒸 30 分钟。趁热敷与面部之地仓,颊车,下关和阿是穴位。每次敷 20 分钟。每日两次。10-15天为一个疗程。

Grind the herbs into fine powder. Steam for 30 min, fold it with gauze, apply it onto the face, the Dicang, Jiache, Xiaguan and the painful spot. Keep for 20 min each time, and repeat twice a day. Ten to fifteen-day is one healing period.

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