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A1. Common Cold


1. 参苏饮治疗病毒性感冒 (Shen-sun-yin for the common cold)


Ingredients: Renshen, Suye, Gegen, Qianhu, Banxia, Fuling, 22 gram each; Chenpi, Gancao, Jiegen, Zhishi, Muxiang, 15 gram each; Fresh ginger three pieces, and Chinese date one. Cook in water. Separate the extract into three parts. Drink three times a day, one part each time.

2. 神仙粥治疗风寒感冒 (Shen-xian soup for common cold)

糯米100克;葱白,生姜,各20克;食醋30毫升.先将糯米煮成粥.再把葱姜捣烂下粥内沸后煮五分钟,然后入醋,立即起锅.乘热服下.上床覆被以助药力.15分钟后便觉胃中热气升腾,遍体微热而出小汗.每日早晚各服一次,连服 4 次即愈.

Glutinous rice gram; white onion stems, fresh ginger, 20 gram each; vinegar 30 ml. Cook the glutinous rice
in water into soup. Chop the white onion stems and fresh ginger into mud. Add it into the soup. Continue to cook for five min. add the vinegar. Stop the cook. drink the soup right away. Go to bed. Cover the body with covering. After 15 min, the body will feel warm from inside stomach. The body will have slight sweat. Repeat such drink twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Repeat for four days. It would be ok from the common cold.

3. 冰糖鸡蛋治疗感冒(crystal sugar and chicken egg for common cold).


Grind the crystal sugar into powder. Break the chicken egg. Mix them well. Before going to bed, mix the mixture with boiling water. Drink the new mixture. Hope to bring mild sweat to the body during sleep.

4. 白萝卜汁治疗感冒 (Radish juice for common cold).


Wash the radish. Chop and grind to get juice. drop it into nose to treat various headache; drink it to treat stroke syndrome.

5. 萝卜甘蔗汤治疗发热咽痛.(Radish and sugar cane, for the treatment of common cold)


Wight radish and sugar cane, 500gram each; Jingyin Hua 10 gram. Baboon leaves, 5 gram. White sugar some amount.

Chop the radish and sugar cane into small pieces. Add it into pot. Add water in. Then add the Jingyin Hua and baboon leaves in. Cook to collect the extract. Before drink the extract, add some white sugar in. Drink as regular tea, several times a day.

This formula is good to clear Fire in the body. The person may feel
fever, sour throat, dryness in nose, etc.


6. 西瓜番茄汁治疗夏季感冒 (Water melon and tomato juice for common cold in summer).


Get proper amount of watermelon and tomato, roughly equal amount. For watermelon, take its inner content, remove its seeds. Compress it to take juice. For tomato, wash the surface with boiling water for several min. Peel it. Also compress it to get juice. Mix the two juices together. Drink it as regular tea from time to time. The formula works to clear Fire and detoxify. It is used for summer style of common cold: the person may feel fever, thirsty, annoyed, hot and red color in urine, poor appetite, and indigestion, etc.

7. 绿豆茶治疗感冒 (Mung bean for common cold)

绿豆50克,绿茶 5克,冰糖15克.绿豆洗净,捣碎,同茶和糖放入碗中,用开水冲沏约20分钟.代茶饮用.

Mung bean (Vigna radiata) 50gram, green tea 5gram, crystal sugar 15gram. Wash the mung bean first, grind to powder. Mix it with the tea leaves and crystal sugar, and boiling water. Leave for about 20 min. Drink it as regular tea. This formula works also to expel Fire and detoxify. It is used to treat flu. The person may feel fever, sour throat, and cough. 

8. 青龙白虎汤治疗流感 (Qinlong Baihu Tang for flu).


Olives, 5; white radish, 200gram. Wash the white radish, chop it into small pieces. Cook in water with the olives. Drink the extract three times a day. No limitation in the amount to drink every day. This formula is used for the treatment of flu and diphtheria. It has been used in 10 patients. Eight of them got cured, two were much improved.

9. 醋熏法预防流感 (Vinegar for prevention of flu).


Vinegar some amount. Add water and the vinegar in a non-metal pot. Bring to boiling and keep boiling for one hour in room. This is a way to clear the air of the room for flu-causing virus. It is wildly used by Chinese to prevent flu.


10. 鸡蛋白糖治疗嗓子痛 (Chicken egg and white sugar for the treatment of sour throat.)


Two chicken eggs, white sugar 15gram, sesame oil several drops. Break the egg, mix it with the white sugar and the sesame oil. Drink the mixture with empty stomach. Once for all. It works to clear the throat, to get rid of sour and swelling. 





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