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A16. Intercostal Neuralgia


1. 青蒲热敷方 (Qing Pu hot application for intercostal neuralgia)

青皮 (醋炒) 30 克,栀子 30 克,蒲公英 50 克,甘草 20 克。

Qingpi (fry with vinegar) 30 gram, Zhizi 30 gram, Pugongyin 50 gram, 甘草 20 gram.

将上药水煎,收集煎液。用毛巾浸药汁热敷患处,热度保持在 40-50 C,皮肤能耐受为度。每晚热敷一次,每次30 分钟。热敷后避风。

Cook the above herbs in water to collect water extract. Dip several layers of cotton sheet into the herbal extract, keep the temperature between 40 and 50 degree (the patient can endure), apply it on to the painful spot on the intercostal area. Keep for 30 min. Aviod wind after the application.

本方治疗100 例,疗效满意。轻者 2-3 次热敷即愈,重者可热敷多次。.

This formula has been tested in 100 patients with intercostal neuralgia. For not severe pain, it needed only 2 to 3 times of the application to stop the pain. For severe pain, it needed several more times of application.

2. 二胡膏

柴胡10 克,青皮 30 克,龙胆草 50 克,元胡 50 克。

Chaihu 10 gram, Qingpi 30 gram, Longdancao 50 gram, Yuanhu 50 gram.


Grind the herbs into fine powder. Make it into herbal mud by addition of vinegar. Apply it onto the painful spot and the Qimen point (on the pain side). Fold it with gauze and seal with medical tape. Change it every day.


3. 韭菜生姜汁方 (Chinese Chives and Ginger juice for shoulder-arm pain, back pain, rib pain)


Chinese chives (together with its roots), some amount; Clear it by wash, chop and get juice. Fresh ginger, little amount, chop and press to get juice too. Mix the two juices. Drink it one cup each time.


This formula works for acute pouching pain on the shoulder, back and ribs.


4. 白糖高粱酒方 (White sugar - liquor for chest pain, intercostal pain)

取白糖 56 克,加高粱酒 113 毫升。点燃酒,待酒烧尽后,用开水冲服剩下的白糖。

White sugar 56 gram, mixed with liquor 113 ml. Burn the liquor. When it completely burns down, mix the remaining sugar with hot water. Drink the sugar water.


This formula is used to solve the pain in the chest and intercostal pain.

5. 单味地肤子方 (Single Difuzi for intercostal pain)

每次地肤子 7.5 克,酒调饮服。一日三次。

Difuzi, 7.5 gram, each time. Drink with wine or liquor. Repeat three times a day.


This tip is used for intercostal pain.


6. 小茴香方 (Xiaohuixiang fang for intercostal pain)

小茴香捣烂取汁180 毫升。热酒冲服。可止痛。

Chop and grind fresh Xiaohuixiang (Cumin) to get 180 ml juice. Drink the juice with warm liquor.


This formula works for intercostal pain.

7. 小茴香枳壳方 (Xiaohuixiang Zhitiao Fang for intercostal sharp pain)

小茴香 37.5 克,枳壳 19 克,麦麸子适量。共炒研细末,用盐酒冲服,每次 7.5 克。

Xiaohuixiang (Cumin) 37.5 gram, Zhitiao 19 gram, wheat bran some amount. Grind the Cumin and Zhitiao into fine powder, mix with the wheal bran. Drink the mixture with help of salt and liquor, 7.5 gram each time, three times a day.


This formula is used to solve intercostal pain.


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