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A14. Ganglion Cyst


1. 消肿止痛膏 (Xiaozhong Zhitong Gao for ganglion cyst)

马钱子 90 克,制乳香 90 克,制没药 90 克,甘草 90 克,麻黄 120 克。上药共研细末,用凡士林调成糊状,敷于患处,包扎固定。三天换药一次。连续 1 - 2 个月。

Maqianzi 90 gram, Zhi Ruxiang 90 gram, Zhi Moyao 90 gram, Gancao 90 gram, Mahuang 120 gram. Grind the herbs into fine powder. Prepare into herbal mud with addition of vaseline. Apply on to the cyst, fold it with gauze and seal with medical tape. Change it every three days. Continue to do it for one to two months.

2. 七厘散徐长卿方 (Qilisan Xuchangqing Fang for ganglion cyst)

七厘散 (中成药)40 克,徐长卿(全草) 80 克。

将徐长卿研细末,与七厘散合匀,用 75% 乙醇或白酒调为糊状。将药膏敷于患处,或先用消毒针将囊肿挑破后敷药,上盖纱布,胶布固定。每日或隔日换药一次。一个月为一个疗程。

Qilisan (herb powder) 40 gram, Xuchangqing (whole plant) 80 gram. Grind the Xuchangqing into fine powder, mix it with Qilisan. Add 75% alcohol or liquor to make the herbal powder into herbal mud. Apply the herbal mud on to the cyst. Or, break the cyst with sterilized needle, then apply the herb mud on. Fold with gauze and seal with medical tape. Change it once every day or every other day. One-month is one healing period.


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