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A10. Lumbar Disc Herniation


1. 土鳖虫牛膝方 (Tubiechong Niuxi Fang for lumbar disc herniation)

土鳖虫 720 克,牛膝 720 克,甘草 720 克,麻黄 720 克,乳香 720 克,没药 720 克,全蝎 720 克,僵蚕 720 克,苍术 720 克,生马钱子 6000 克。

Tubiechong 720 gram, Niuxi 720 gram, Gancao 720 gram, Mahuang 720 gram, Ruxiang 720 gram, Moyao 720 gram, Quanxie 720 gram, Jiangchan 720 gram, Cangzhu 720 gram, Fresh Maqianzi 6000 gram.

先将马钱子置于铁锅中,加入水适量,慢火煮沸,8小时后取出,剥去外皮,切成0.5-1 毫米厚薄片,晾干,炒至均匀棕褐色。再将乳香没药置于锅内加热,并以灯芯祛除油质,烘干。将所有药物粉碎研细末。装入胶囊。每粒含0.5克。炮制后马钱子约占总量之40%。

Add the Maqianzi in iron pot, add some amount of water to cook for 8 hours with small boiling. Peel the shell, chop into pieces of 0.5 to 1 mm in thick. Dry in air. Fry it until the color turns brown. Add Ruxiang and Moyao in to heat, also add inner string of lamp in to remove the oil part of the Maqianzi. Dry the mixture again by baking. Add all the ingredients now into fine powder. Add into capsule, with each capsule containing about 0.5 gram of herbal powder. The amount of Maqianzi in the capsule should be about 40%,


Upon use, drink the capsule every night before going to bed. take 5 to 10 capsules each time, with help of 30 - 60 ml liquor and some water for swallow. Don't drink the capsule with tea at all. The amount of herbal capsule should start from small dose, e.g. five capsules from begining. Evry night add one capsule to the previous dose until 10 capsules at night. After intake of the herbal capsules, lie down quiet. Don't drink much water at night. Two-week is one healing period. Have a break of 2 to 3 days after each healing period. Once the disease is under control, reduce the amount of capsule every night by one capsule. Continue this way for 2 to 3 weeks, for a maintenance. Strong and heavy physical activity should be avoided.



After intake of the herbal capsules for 3 to 10 days, most people may feel light increase in the intensity of the pain. It will eventually reduce with continuous intake. Some one may feel slight itch in skin, or has skin rash of small spots, size of a rice. This skin problem could disappear after several days. During the healing process, most patients reported improvement in their appetite and sleeping too. No other side effects. This formula should be avoided in patients with severe disease in heart, liver and kidney. It should also be forbidden in pregnant woman.

本方曾用于40例有腰椎间盘突出的患者,临床痊愈24 例,显著进步10例,进步 4 例,无效2例。

This formula has been used in 40 patients with lumbar disc herniation. Among them, 24 were cured in clinic level, 10 were much improved, 4 were improved to some level, and 2 were not improved at all.


2.  桂枝附子汤 (Guizhi Fuzi Tang for lumbar disc herniation)

桂枝 12 克,附子(先煎) 12 克,川芎 20 克,党参 10 克,炒白芍 12 克,黄芩 10 克,麻黄 10 克,防风 15 克,杏仁 10 克,防己 15 克,甘草 6 克,白术 10 克,猪苓 12 克,茯苓 30 克,牛膝15 克,泽泻12 克,杜仲15 克,红花 15 克。



Guizhi 12 gram, Fuzi (cook first) 12 gram, Chuanxiong 20 gram, Dangsheng 10 gram, Chao Baishao 12 gram, Huangqin 10 gram, Mahuang 10 gram, Fangfeng 15 gram, Xingren 10 gram, Fangji 15 gram, Gancao 6 gram, Baizhu 10 gram, Zhuling 12 gram, Fuling 30 gram, Niuxi 15 gram, Zexie 12 gram, Duzhong 15 gram, Honghua 15 gram. This is one-day dose. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink half part of the extract in the morning and half part in the evening. It has been used in 30 patients with lumbar disc herniation. Nine of them were cured, 16 were basically cured, 4 were improved, and 1 failed.



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