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A0. Weight Loss


1. 饭前吃水果减肥 (Fruit before meal can help weightloss)

Before meal, eat some fruits or drink some fruit juice can help reduction body weight. It has been tested that, the fruit before meal can reduce the heat absorption by 20% to 30%. The fruit sugar can meet the need by the body for the heat absorption, so reduce the absorption from the meal. The person participated the experiment showed less desire to fat food, so reduce the intake of more fat food to the body.

2. 生地黄芪减肥方 (Shendi Huangqi for weightloss)


Herb Shendi, Huangqi, black bean, 30gram each; Fangji, Beishu, Fuling, Loulu, Juemingzi, and Heye (lotus leaves), 10gram each; red ginseng 8gram; Wugong two; Licorice 5gram.


Cook the herbal ingredients in water to collect about 150 ml extract. Drink the extract three times a day, 50 ml each time. Two-week is one healing period. It can be repeated for two to three healing periods, until the body weight turns to normal.


This formula has been used in 58 patients with over body weight. After one to three healing periods, ten of them had body weight reduced by 2 to 3 kg; 36 of the cases reduced by 4 to 5 kg; 12 cases reduced by 6 to 8 kg. No side effect had been observed.

3. 大腹皮冬瓜皮治疗肥胖 (Dafupi and Dongguapi for the weightloss).

炒薏苡仁 150克;大腹皮,冬瓜皮,茯苓,炒苍术,炒白术各100克;陈皮80克。将上药碾为极细末,水泛为小丸,每次服8克,约40丸,每日三次。本方为一剂药。可连续服2到3剂。

Fried Yiyiren 150 gram; Dafupi, Dongguapi, Fuling, fried Cangshu, fried Beishu, 100gram each; Chenpi (dried orange peel) 80gram. Grind all of the ingredients into fine powder, make it into small pills. Intake the pills about 8 gram each time (about 40 pills), three times a day. The amount of the herbs here refers to one dose. It can be repeated to take for two to three doses.

用本方治疗肥胖病患者66例,用药1到3剂后,体重下降2到3公斤者21例;下降4到5公斤者34例;下降6到8 公斤者11例。

This formula has been used in 66 cases of person with overweighted body. After intake of one to three doses, 21 persons had their body weight lost by 2 to 3 kg; 34 of them lost 4 to 5 kg; 11 of the cases lost 6 to 8 kg for their body weight.

4. 玉米须利湿消胖 (Corn medicinal for weightloss)


Corn medicinal, also known as corn's "hair", can be used to reduce body weight. Prepare corn hair tea as for regular green tea - to add the corn's hair into boiling water. Drink it as a tea every day. This formula can be used for the treatment of chronic nephrotitis, inflammation in urine bladder, gall bladder, rheumatism, high blood pressure, and obesity.

5. 蔬菜减肥法 (Vegetables for weightloss)


Use following vegetables into your common diet: white radish, Chinese chives, cucumber, and  green bean sprouts. They can be cook in any ways: fried, cook in water, or as salad.

6. 枸杞子减肥法 (Gouqizi for weightloss)


Gouqizi, 30gram. Mix it with boiling water to prepare as for a tea. Drink it twice a day. This is the amount for one drink.

7. 桑叶减肥法 (Sangye for weightloss)


Sangye (Mulberry leaves) about 15 gram. Cook in water to get extract. Drink it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. It starts effect after three weeks of drink.

8. 水芹菜减肥法 (Water celery for weight loss)


Drink the water celery juice, one cup after each meal. It speeds up the weight loss.

9. 大头菜减肥法 (Turnip for weight loss)



Cook the chopped turnip in water. Drink it as regular tea. It works to lose weight.

10. 生地乌梅丸治疗单纯性肥胖 (Shengdi Wumei for obesity)


Shengdi, Wumei, Mugua, Beishao, Bei Shasheng, equal amount. Grind into powder. Prepare into pills with honey. Drink one pill in the morning and one pill in the afternoon with empty stomach. This formula is used for the treatment of obesity.


11. 防己黄芪汤治疗单纯性肥胖 (Fangji Huangqi Tang  for obesity)


Herb Fangqi, Huangqi,Baishao,Chuanxiong, Zhi Shouwu,15 gram each; Zexie,Shazha,Dansheng,Yinchen, Shuiniujiao, 30 gram each; Xianlingpi 10 gram; Dahuang 9 gram. Cook in water to collect about 100 ml. Drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon. This formula is used for the treatment of obesity.


12. 荷叶桂肉治疗肥胖 (Lotus leave and Cinnamon for obesity)


Lotus leaves 30 gram, cinnamon 20 gram. Cook in water. Drink as regular tea or grind into powder and drink the powder, 6 gram each time. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day. It works for the treatment of obesity.


13. 首乌,当归治疗单纯性肥胖 (Shouwu, Danggui for obesity)


Shouwu 30gram, Danggui 30 gram, Jixueteng 30 gram, Fuling 20 gram. Cook to collect extract. Drink half in the morning and half in the afternoon. This formula is for obesity.


14. 荷叶泽泻汤治疗肥胖 (Lotus leaves and Zexie for weight loss)


Lotus leaves 12 gram, Zexie 15 gram, Fuling 15 gram, Caojueming 15 gram, Yiyiren 15 gram, Fangji 15 gram, Baishu 15 gram, Chenpi 10 gram. Cook in water to get extract. Drink one third in the morning, one third in the noon and the remaining in the evening. It is used for the treatment of over weight. The person may has no craving to eat and tends to have diarrhea (not constipation). 


15. 柴胡白芍汤治疗单纯性肥胖 (Chaihu Baishao for obesity)


Chaihu 6 gram, Baishao 10 gram, Wumei 10 gram, Fuling 10 gram, Heye (lotus leaves) 10 gram, Zexie 10 gram. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink half in the norming and half in the afternoon.


If the person is easy to get upset and lose temple, add Danpi 10 gram and Chao Shanzhi 6 gram. If the person has menstruation stop, add Yimucao 30 gram and Danggui 30 gram. If she has too much discharge, add Changzhu 10 gram, and Huangbo 6 gram.


16. 减肥散敷脐治疗肥胖 (Weightloss powder for weightloss)



Banxia, Lotus leaves, 10 gram each; Fuling, Zexie, 15 gram each; Jiao Sanxian 9 gram; Erchou, Binglang, 5 gram each. Grind the above herbs into powder. Store in a bottle. Upon use, take the herbal powder 15 to 30 gram, mix with the juice of fresh lotus leaves, or use the water extract from 15 grams of herb Dahuang, so to prepare paste. Apply the paste to the naval, cover with gauze, seal with medical tapes. Change it every day.

This formula words to enhance the function of Spleen, deplete extra water and dampness from the body, so as to reduce body weight. It is usually needed to continue for more than 10 days to see the effect.


17. 外用减肥方 (Herbal paste used for overweight)

番泻叶 5 克,泽泻 30 克,山楂 30 克,油麻稿 (又名油草)50 克。 上药共研细末,装瓶备用。用时取药末15 到 20 克,用红茶水调成膏状。敷于脐上,外用纱布覆盖,胶布固定。每日换药一次。

Fanxieye 5 gram, Zexie 30 gram, Shanzha (hawthorn) 30 gram, Youmahao 50 gram. Grind the above herbs into powder. Store in a bottle. Upon use, take the herbal powder 15 to 20 gram, mix with the water extract of black tea, stir to make herbal paste. Apply it onto naval, cover with gauze, and seal with medical tape. Change it every day. 

功用:清胃热,健脾运,利水湿,散痰饮。主治肥胖病。疗效:共治疗 50 例,连用月余,有效率 100%。如果没有油麻稿,可用干荷叶 100 克代替。

 Function: Clear the stomach Fire; improve the metabolism of Spleen; expel extra water and phlegm from the body, so to reduce body weight.  It has been used in 50 cases. The effective rate is 100%. If the Youmahao is not available, it can be replaced with dried lotus leaves 100 gram.

18. 花黄减肥膏 (Hua Huang Jianwei paste)

厚朴花 30 克,代代花 30 克,枳壳 30 克,苍术 30 克,小茴香 150 克,大黄 150 克。上药加清水煎三次,将三次药汁合并再煎浓缩成膏状,制成 6 厘米 X 6 厘米药饼,装入稀薄布袋中备用。用时将药饼贴附于中脘穴和肚脐上。外加包扎固定。15 到20 天换药一次。

Houpu flower 30 gram, Daidai flower 30 gram, Zhitiao 30 gram, Cangzhu 30 gram, xiao Huixiang 150 gram, and Dahuang 150 gram. Cook the herbs in water for three times. Pool all the extract and continue to cook until the herbal extract turns into paste. Prepare it in cake as 6 cm X 6 cm in size. Store in a thin cotton bag. Upon use, apply the herbal cake onto the Zhongwan point and the naval. Fix it with long gauze. Change it every 15 to 20 days.


Function: this herbal cake works to clear stomach, improve Qi movement, and improve bowel movement. It is used for person with obesity (Stomach Fire and Spleen stagnation type).

19. 白苍佩兰贴治疗肥胖 (Beicang Peilan paste for obesity)

佩兰 20 克,白芷 15 克,苍术 15克,独活 10 克,木香 10 克,花椒 5 克,艾叶 5 克,桂枝 12 克。上药加清水适量煎 3 次,将三次煎药合并浓缩,烘干,研为细末,装入小布袋中备用。用时将药袋敷与肚脐上,外加包扎固定。 15 到 20 天换一次。3 到 6 次为一个疗程。

Peilan 20 gram, Baizhi 15 gram, Cangzhu 15 gram, Duhuo 10 gram, Muxiang 10 gram, Huajiao 5 gram,Aye 5 gram, Guizhi 12 gram. Cook the herbs in water for three times. Pool the extracts and continue cook to condense it. Dry it, and grind it into powder. Store in cotton bag. Upon use, apply the bag on the naval. Fix it with gauze. Change it every 15 to 20 days. Three to six times is as one healing period.

功用:祛风渗湿,芳香健脾。主治肥胖症(脾虚湿盛型)。一般 2 到 3 个疗程可是体重恢复正常。

Function: Expel Wind and extra dampness, and improve the function of the Spleen. It is used for the treatment of obesity (Spleen-insufficiency and dampness-overwhelming type). It usually needs two to three healing periods to recover to normal body weight.

20. 归芪药袋治疗肥胖症 (Gui Qi Herbal bag for obesity).

当归 30 克,川芎 15 克,细辛 10 克,三棱 10 克,莪术 10 克,乳香 5 克,没药 5 克,丁香 5 克,冰片 5 克。上药加水煎三次。将三次药汁混合,加热浓缩。烘干研粉,制成 8厘米 X 8厘米大小药饼。装入布袋封口备用。用时,取药袋敷贴与脐部,外加包扎固定。15 到 20 天换药一次。三次为一个疗程。

Danggui 30 gram, Chuanxiong 15 gram, Xixing 10 gram, Sanlen 10 gram, Ezhu 10 gram, Ruxiang 5 gram, Moyao 5 gram, Dingxiang 5 gram, Bingpian 5 gram. Cook the above herbal ingredients in water for three times. Pool the extracts, continue to cook to condense it. Dry it and grind it into powder. Prepare as herbal cake of 8 cm X 8 cm in size. Store into a cotton bag. Upon use, apply it on the navel. Fix it with gauze. Change it every 15 to 20 days. Three times are one healing period.


Function: Improve the blood circulation and remove blood stagnation. It is used for the treatment of obesity (Qi-stagnation and blood-stagnation type).


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