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We offer the following services:

Suction cupping
Chinese herbal therapy
Ear acupressure

We are confident for the healing of:

Seasonal allergy
Poor sleeping
Chronic fatigue
Menopause syndrome
Various pain
Car accident







              Common Cold

               coughing : A mature gentleman coughing because of pulmonary disease isolated on white background Stock Photo



               Allergic rhnitis

            Poor sleep

                  Poor sleep

            Quit smoking

                Quit smoking

              Weight loss

                 Weight loss


               Car accident

               Car accident


                Sport injury


               Menopause syndrome

        Menopause syndrome


         Menstrual disorders


                Sport injury



              Allergic Rhinitis




           Trigeminal Neuralgia



             Menstrual dicorders

         Menstrual disorders





          During pregnance

Prostatic hypertrophy

               Bladder syndrome

             Frequent Urine

              Urgent Urine

              Painful Urine



                Stomach pain

               Stomach pain





              Chron's disease
Crohn's disease




         Sciatic pain

               Sciatic Pain








Our Edmonton acupuncture services can help people who are dealing with many ailments. If you are interested in acupuncture in Edmonton, contact an acupuncturist in Edmonton today.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture. At our Edmonton acupuncture office, for example, we provide treatments for a number of ailments, including menopause symptoms, depression and stress, weight loss, and chronic pain. We strongly encourage prospective clients to contact our acupuncturist in Edmonton before officially scheduling an appointment; you may be asked to come in for a consultation to discuss your needs prior to undergoing treatment. Acupuncture in Edmonton is a great option for patients of all kinds. We understand, however, that some people do not fully understand how this type of medical care works. If you are concerned about trying acupuncture for the first time, we would be thrilled to answer any questions that you might have.

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Basic information about TCM:

Brief history of TCM
Simple way to understand TCM
Difference between TCM and conventional medicine
Combination of TCM and conventional medicine
Overall results by TCM
Current situation of TCM


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Frequently asked questions:

1. How can you help me?

2. Does Traditional Chinese Medicine mean acupuncture?

3. What's difference between the acupuncture and acupressure?

4. Acupuncture - is it painful?

5. But... I still fear the needle.

6. How often do I need the acupuncture treatment?

7. Does acupuncture mean simply to insert a needle into the skin?

8. How long time it takes to tell if the acupuncture works or not?

9. What kinds of clinic conditions are in your clinic that make your higher effective rate?

10. How does acupuncture work?

11. I have pain, or shoulder pain, or diabetes, can you help me?

12. I have tried other acupuncturist, but not work.

13. My acupuncture treatment works before, but seems not again.

14a. Is acupuncture covered under Alberta Health Insurance?

14b. Do you do direct online claim for acupuncture or massage?

15. Do I need doctor's referral to have acupuncture?

16. How long time is it for each acupuncture treatment?

17. How much does it cost for acupuncture treatment?

18. Do you perform the acupuncture always the same way?

19. Is there any specific thing I need to take care after improvement of my pain?

20. What about if I am still taking drugs from my western medicine?

21. What about your clinic results?

22. What means "Healing crisis"?

23. Do you also use herbal therapy the same time with acupuncture ?


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Extra readings:

Chinese medicine, its past, present

and future


Folk therapy:

A0. Weight loss
A1. Common cold
A2. Headache
A3. Trigeminal neuralgia
A4. Cervical spondylosis
A5. Frozen shoulder
A6. Stiff neck
A7. Acute lumber sprain
A8. Chronic lumbar muscle strain
A9. Sciatic pain

A10. Lumbar disc herniation
A11. Hyperostosis (Bone spur)
A12. Osteoarthritis on the knee
A13. Synovitis
A14. Ganglion cyst
A15. Tennis elbow
A16. Intercostal neuralgia
A17. Shoulder-arm stretching pain
A18. Arthritis pain
A19. Gout

A20. Muscle spasm or myotonia
A21. Burning
A22. Frozen
A23. Cut injury

A25. Soft tissue sprain and contusion
A26. Bite by dog, bee, wasp, centipede..
A27. Feet hurt by wearing shoes
A28. Mis-swallow of foreign thing

A29. Heel pain

B1. Irregular circle
B2. Painful menstruation
B3. Uterine bleeding
B4. Menstruation cessation

B5. Compensatory menstruation
B6. Uterine prolapse
B7. Pregnant vomiting
B8. Pregnant abdomen pain
B9. Fetal irritability

B10. Threatened abortion
B11. Pregnant swelling
B12. Abortion
B13. Fetal mal-position
B14. Labor induction
B15. Ectopic pregnancy

B16. Postpartum urinary retention
B17. Postpartum urinary leakage
B18. Postpartum abdomen pain
B19. Postpartum bleeding

B20. Postpartum blood retention
B21. To promote breast milk
B22. To stop breast milk
B23. Breast milk leakage
B24. Infertility
B25. Contraception
B26. Endometriosis
B27. Uterine fibroids
B28. Polycystic ovary
B29. Menopause syndrome

C0. Impotency
C1. An-ejaculation
C2. Premature ejaculation
C3. Reverse ejaculation
C4. Seminal emission
C5. Penis shrink
C6. Penis stiffness

C7. Male infertility
C8. Sperm - low number
C9. Sperm - low activity
C10. Sperm - no sperm
C11. Sperm - blood sperm
C12. Sperm - no liquefaction
C13. Sperm - dead sperm

C14. Infertility -immune disorder
C15. Testis pain
C16. Scrotum eczema
C17. Hydrocele
C18. Prostatitis
C19. Prostate enlargement

D0. Acne
D1. Urticaria (Hives)
D2. Atopic dermatitis
D3. Eczema
D4. Psoriasis
D5. Prickly heat
D6. Wart
D7. Corn
D8. Scabies
D9. Mole

D10. Body odor
D11. Contact dermatitis
D12. Skin crash
D13. Erysipelas
D14. Shingles
D15. Ringworm of nails
D16. Scar tissue
D17. Folliculitis
D18. Vitiligo (Leukoderma)
D19. Haemorrhoids (piles)




Millwoods Acupuncture Center
is located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and serves the surrounding areas, including:
Edmonton, Saint Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Lamont, Mundare, Ryley, Camrose, Viking, Big Lake, Red Deer, Calgary, Alberta Beach, Wabamun, Warburg, Breton, Thorsby, Rimbey, Ponoka, Elk Point, Kitscoty, Edgerton, Forestburg, Bashaw, Rimbey, Eckville, Mirror, Alix, Breton, Bawlf, Warburg, Clive, Marwayne, Vilna, Barrhead, Spruce Grove, Stoney Plain, Devon, Beaumont & Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada.


Millwoods Acupuncture Center
Suite 102, 2603 Hewes Way
Edmonton AB, Canada

Tel: (780) 466-8683
Email: wenqiw57@hotmail.com 

Contact us


Martin Wang
Dr. Martin Wang
 MD (China), Ph.D.
      R. Acupuncturist
           R. Massage therapist
         Chinese Herbalist
         Dr. Natural Medicine

      (More information)



    Dr. Dongying Xu
      TCMD (China), Ph.D.

     Professor in TCM
     R. Acupuncturist
      R. Massage therapist



 Dr. Teresa Zhang
    MD (China), Ph.D.
 R. Acupuncturist
 Chinese Herbalist


 Alexis Vetsch
  R. Massage therapist


Roderma Fancisco
  R. Massage therapist


Nerrie V.

Nerrie Vitan
  R. Massage therapist


Job Position

A FT/PT registered massage practitioner is needed. If interested, please call (780) 466-8683 to discuss.



Millwoods Acupuncture Center
Suite 102, 2603 Hewes Way
Edmonton AB, Canada

Tel: (780) 466-8683
Email: wenqiw57@hotmail.com    

Operation hours:

Monday to Friday:  9 am to 6:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm
Sunday: closed.

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Book: Yi Zong Jin Jian - Part I

Book: Yi Zhong Jin Jian -  Part II

Book: Yi Zhong Jin Jian - Whole part

Book: Yi Li Zhen Chuan

Book: Yixue Zhongzhong Canxi Lu

Book: Chinese Herbal Pharmacology


 Clinic experience of TCM experts

Dr. Qing-An Wang

Dr. Xi-ru Hu (1)

Dr. Xi-ru Hu (2)

Dr. Liang-chun Zhu

Dr. Xing-jiang Xiong

Dr. Xiao-yu Li

Dr. Zu-wang Gan

Dr. Shao-dong Chen

Dr. Shao-qi He (1)

Dr. Shao-qi He (2)

Dr. Shao-qi He (3)

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D20. Anal fissure
D21. Hyperidrosis
D22. Vasculitis
D23. Skin black spot
D24. Freckle
D25. Face wrinkle
D26. Face whitening
D27. Skin maintenance
D28. Grey hair
D29. Hair loss
D30. Harden skin-muscle after injection

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